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Social Media Optimization

Teknol makes Social Media

Advertising more profitable At scale


By implementing the Full-Funnel Creative Strategy, we continue to help businesses grow faster with exclusive advertising on Facebook & Instagram performance marketing.


Sponsored ads

Teknol uses demographic targeting to take sponsored ads to the next level so you can attract attention on Facebook & Instagram.

Video ads

Our team helps you catch the eye of potential customers and maximize results with video optimizations, like captions, calls to action, and more.

Lead ads

We not only set up Lead Ads so users can contact you without leaving Facebook but also an automatic notification system to streamline your sales workflow.

Event marketing ads

Planning an upcoming event? We’ll help you harness Facebook’s event marketing to attract attendees and send updates as the big day approaches.

Retargeting ads

Our advanced skills, like cross-channel retargeting and retargeting shoppers who abandon the sales process, help bring interested customers back.

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